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Fyresdal is located in the western part of Telemark. Fyresdal borders to Kviteseid, Nissedal and Tokke in Telemark county and to Bygland, Valle and Åmli in Eastern Agder county. Fyresdal (which was calles Moland until 1879) was established as a municipality on 1. January 1838.

Main sources of income are within agriculture, forestry, trade and tourism, as well as power production. 

Fyresdal is known for its many findings from the Viking Age, among other things burial mounds and traces of battles. In early Christian times, there was a pilgrimage Church in Hegglandsgrend, north of Fyresdal.

The landscape of Fyresdal ranges from approximately 275 m. above sea level to 1294 m. above sea level (Napuren). There is an exciting range of plant and animal life, and many fishing lakes of all sizes.

In Fyresdal, you'll be surrounded by nature. We encourage you to spend a favorable amount of your time outdoors. Our nature is genuine, varied and truly Norwegian – and invites you to memorable activities.

Population as of 01.04.2019: 1 279.

Total area 1280.6 km².

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